Chenille wash mitt

Short Description:

Material: 80%polyester, 20% polyamide 

Size:  8″x10″  and  customizable 

Weight: 80-110g/pc 

Color: customizable

Package:  customizable

Production Capacity: 100000pcs/per month


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It’s a large, plush mitt that’s super absorbent, it holds tons of soap, and it’s specially designed to deep clean in the most gentle way possible. It provides a safe and effective way to wash your car or truck, but you can also use it to dry, dust, or wax too. The soft material will never streak, scratch or swirl, but it will leave your car looking spot-free and polished with little effort. Our Premium Detailing Mitt is made from the highest quality microfiber available, and thanks to the synthetic lambswool finish, it is used with confidence by professional auto detailers, car fanatics and many other people looking for stunning, professional results. Washing your car is the first, and most important step in the exterior detail process, and using this premium quality wash mitt will give you better results than traditional methods. 

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