Stitching Edge Microfiber Long Short Piles Towel Car Polishing Cloth-B

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Product Name: Microfiber long short piles towel

Material: 80% polyester +20% polyamide

Size: 40*40cm

Edge Processing: Stitching edge

Weight: 400gsm

Color: Blue, pink, yellow, orange, etc

Usage: Car cleaning and detailing, buffing and polishing, dusting

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Stitching Edge Microfiber Long Short Piles Towel Car Polishing Cloth


>Microfiber Towel is widely use during whole process of automotive cleaning and detailing. No body can complete washing a car in good finish without microfiber towel.
>Jiexu’s Long & Short Microfiber Towels features higher piles on one side and lower piles on another side that enable versatile uses of this towel.
>E.g. use the long piles side to soak up wash water, detail sprays, and waterless wash solutions; Buff away dried wax, sealant, and polish with the short piles side.


1. All new dual side microfiber towel 400 gsm, long pile vs. short pile
2. Best use for car’s quick detailing spray and buffing 16″x16″ perfect size
3. Long lasting material, up to 300+ washing cycle
4. Perfect finishing edge won’t scratch up your car paint, no tag, no lint
5. Odor resistance for your household kitchen use, pets, dog too.

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