Let the showroom shine: six elements to make your car shine

Can the car have enough luster? That deep, seeing your face in the gloss of the hood is worth seeing. Yes, some people prefer a matte look, but for most of us, the deep gloss of the showroom is the way to go.
This question inspired the imagination of the two brothers and a close friend and drove them to create protective coatings that have been applied to countless surfaces from super yachts to racing cars.
The company behind, revolutionary protection solutions (RPS). The company was founded in Maidstone, Kent in 2012, with the goal of creating “best-in-class” protective coatings for many industries including automobiles, railways, construction, aviation and the most challenging environment-the ocean.
The first paint was introduced to the market after more than three years of research, development and field testing, and achieved remarkable results in a series of applications.
This includes giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to prove the value of their products on the fastest racing car in the world.
“While visiting the racing team at Silverstone, we noticed that one of their engineers was polishing the new carbon fiber front panel,” said Michael Stacey.
“The engineer told us that he spent several hours polishing each part, both to make its appearance with high gloss, but also to increase its aerodynamic potential. We showed engineers how easy our ceramic coating is to apply, He was surprised at the time saved and the appearance after application.”
Now, it’s one thing to have a superyacht with a mirrored gloss, but how do you add this gloss to your beloved hatchback?
Well, RPS is launching a series of automotive detail products with the Aqueous Guard® label. For some time, these products have been used in everything from supercars to the largest superyachts, and now you can try them yourself…
The Aqueous Guard® website provides a full range of detailed products, including a premium ceramic coating-Optivate, manufactured by RPS at its location in the UK.
So what do you need to make your car look so delicate? A bucket of soapy water and a bottle of window cleaner have never produced any similar products. Here are six essential products to keep your car clean.
Use spray to give some thin layer chromatography to the dashboard and polish it with a finishing agent. The fragrance of coconut refreshes the interior of your car. Microfiber cloth is the preferred polishing tool.
Now it’s time to use soap buckets and hand-washing gloves. Spray cleaning first to remove as much contaminants as possible, or ideally, use a snow foam spray gun to apply Arctic Storm snow foam.
After removing potentially harmful pollutants, you can use Bubble Blast car shampoo and a small amount of elbow grease to clean the body. The gravel guard at the bottom of the bucket also helps prevent gravel from returning to your washing gloves, preventing those small sharp fragments from scratching the paint.
Wash the entire car one panel at a time. Take the time to check if there is any tar or deep-rooted dirt. It should be gently removed with the tar and glue remover of the car paint. Rinse thoroughly, and then use a soft dry towel to wipe off any excess water.
Unless the brake dust is removed, these alloys will not shine. The brake dust accumulates on the wheel, which will corrode the transparent coating and eventually erode the surface of the alloy wheel.
Wheel Wash fast-acting wheel cleaner combines non-corrosive alkalinity and high-strength chelating agent to bind and dissolve brake dust and break down traffic film and dirt.
Most car owners will reach out for sponges, but most professional beauticians will not touch them! Flat-shaped sponges will suck away the sand, but they will leave the sand on the surface, which will scratch your precious paint every time you scrub!
The monster washing gloves collect the small pieces and wrap them in a deep pile. Make sure to rinse the gloves thoroughly with clean water after each part.
To be fair, tires are the most abused compared to any other single component on a car. From potholes to gravel, speed bumps and icy roads, your tires have to endure a lot.
Taking the time to clean them gives you the opportunity to check for defects or cracks in the tire wall, uneven wear, or sharp objects in the tread. After cleaning, Revitalize coating will give the tire a new look.
Aqueous Guard even provides a convenient applicator sponge to apply tire gloss. Each layer applied will change your tire from satin to shiny.
Silk is a coating solution designed to provide an ultra-smooth, hydrophobic surface treatment for paint, metal and glass surfaces.
Apply a small amount of Silk on a clean microfiber cloth, wiping the surface of the panel one at a time. Let it stand for a few seconds, then polish it with a new clean and dry microfiber cloth to make the surface smooth.
After buying a house, buying a new car is one of the biggest investments most of us will make.
So, is it worth ensuring that the investment is handled properly? Aqueous Guard® offers a wide range of car care products in addition to the six mentioned here, including high-quality ceramic coatings that add a durable protective layer to paint and glass, hydrophobic coatings, antibacterial treatments for fabrics and leathers, and decorative repair solutions Program.
All these products are provided as part of the Essentials cleaning kit. The kit also includes 2 microfiber cloths for applying and polishing the silk coating.
This is a small selection of car care products to choose from, which also includes pollutant removers, ceramic coatings and leather conditioners, please visit Aqueous Guard.

Post time: Jun-30-2021
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