How To Clean with Less Time

There are some little secrets for cleaning places that people don’t know. Maybe I can save their time and money by sharing some.
● First, most people use too many products to clean glass. Use less and you will avoid streaks. Even better, we use car wax on the large mirrors and glass. Apply it, let it dry, and then wipe it off. You will get a beautiful light.
● Do not use bleach on laminated countertops. You will ruin them in a short time. Also don’t use bleach on natural stone countertops. You will eventually remove the sealant. Both countertops are suitable for hot water, mild detergent and clean sponges. Wipe dry after washing.
● Do not use vinegar on the grout. Foamed ammonia is best for tiled floors/counters/showers with grout. Vinegar will eventually erode the cement slurry.
● If you want to clean the carpet, please vacuum first, and then use the steam cleaner. However, do not soak the carpet with water, otherwise it will end up with mold. Remember, don’t use soap that exceeds the instructions, or you will end up with soap residue. If in doubt, please hire a professional to do the job.
● Have a feather duster? Throw it away. It just moves the dust. And always remove dust before vacuuming.

Post time: Nov-19-2021
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