Detail everything you need to know about how your car will look like a pro (without breaking the bank)

Remember the day you first picked up your car from the dealership?How shiny is it?Chances are, unless you detail it from then on, it doesn’t have the same sparkle anymore.And, if you’ve ever considered detailing your car, it can be quite expensive, even just for the looks.
So instead of paying for expensive professional-looking details, do it yourself!Everything you need is here.To make it even better, all your follow-up details will be cheaper because you’ll have everything handy!
For any type of exterior detailing project, you’ll need a variety of brushes and applicators, no matter how deep you know the process.Of course, you can buy all of these individually, but you can save money simply by buying a car detailing kit that includes many different tools.
This 16-Piece Detailing Kit from EVBOYS comes with everything you need to start detailing your car today.It includes 5 different sizes of soft tip brushes, wire brushes, mini dusters, power scrubber attachments and more.
If you were to ask anyone on the street what they need to clean the outside of their car, I bet the most common answer would be soap.This is absolutely correct!Before you can do anything else to detail the look, you need to make sure the car is clean and ready to go.
But you don’t just want to grab some dish soap from under the sink and throw it into the bucket.Instead, buy a high-quality car wash soap designed for this purpose.With Chemical Guys’ Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap, you’re good to go.But there is a better option than putting it in a bucket and filling it with a garden hose.
This goes hand in hand with the soap above, as foam blasters are without a doubt the best way to apply foam to a car wash.Sticking with the same brand, Chemical Guys’ Torq Foam Blaster 6 is the perfect tool to cover your car with soap in no time.
With this foaming car wash soap gun, you can take advantage of the cleaning properties of foaming soap without damaging the paint underneath.The vast majority of scratches and swirls in car paint are the result of poor cleaning (usually moving abrasive grime with a brush or sponge).
One of the best tips for detailing the look of a car is to use a so-called clay bar kit, such as this one from Mothers.Yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like – rubbing a piece of clay on the outside of your car.With the right type of clay and related spray, a clay stick is the perfect tool for removing foreign objects embedded in car paint jobs.
Just a clay stick kit will make your car shine in the showroom and make the paint silky smooth without even adding a coat of wax.Remember, you want to make sure the exterior is clean first, as you don’t want to rub abrasive grime around and possibly scratch your paint!
While we tend to focus more on metal body panels when detailing cars, there’s actually quite a bit of plastic, rubber, and vinyl.This usually comes in the form of black trim around doors, windows, wheel wells, etc.
Over time, this trim begins to naturally fade and degrade in the sun, but luckily, it’s easy to restore with the right solutions.Just use this restorer, wipe the trim, and you’re all set.They’ll look new again, while temporarily resisting fading and degradation.
If you do recall the day when you picked up your car from as many places as I suggested at the beginning of this article, then I bet your car’s shine is what you’re sticking to.I remember the first time I saw my new car when I was standing outside with the salesman.happiness.It hasn’t looked as shiny since then!
Well, you can make your car look like that again with a coat of wax.Waxing your car is the best way to make it look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.There are all kinds of different waxes out there, but Micron’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is the easiest to use.Just pick up a pack of wax applicators, follow the directions, and you’ll be in that state of bliss again.

Post time: Mar-09-2022
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