Car wash and customer service are the best among Fast Eddie’s four locations

Fast Eddie’s four car wash shops are immaculate, first-class operation allows customers to receive high-quality service, and always smile.
Keeping the inside and outside of the car clean is part of the maintenance necessary to ensure that the car retains its value year after year. Therefore, if you don’t want to pull out the hose and wash the car yourself, it is important to go to the local car wash regularly.
Fast Eddie’s Car Wash and Detail Centres stands out as a full-service car wash shop that caters to customers in the northwestern suburbs. A car wash shop in McHenry has grown into a thriving company with four locations-Barrington, Huntley, Crystal Lake, and of course McHenry. Since Kim Doherty and her husband Joe took over the family business, the company has grown exponentially and currently employs approximately 100 people.
McHenry’s first Fast Eddie’s will celebrate its 24th anniversary in November. Despite their expansion, the company remains family-owned and operated, maintaining the charm of its small business and courteous and courteous customer service. Their personal style will not be ignored; the combination of customer care and a thorough car wash at a favorable price has won them the 2021 Best Car Wash Award by readers of the Daily Herald.
“Our team is indeed the best. They know the names of our regular customers, and they always have a smile on their faces. Even now wearing a mask, they really go beyond providing the best service,” Doherty said.
Fast Eddie’s mission is to make customers feel at home and make their lives better through impeccable car wash services, friendly services and convenient facilities. Each location has a gift shop that sells everything from car supplies to lottery tickets, candy, toys, hand sanitizer and masks. Customers can read carefully while the attendants are taking care of their vehicles, and even dry them with towels. Rarely seen in the industry.
“We provide services to meet various needs and budgets, from external cleaning only to complete detailed packaging,” Doherty said.
All Fast Eddie stores are open 7 days a week and offer a variety of washing options. For example, customers can choose to wash outside quickly (and walk through the washing process to avoid contact with others) or enjoy one of many full-service washing options.
Other options include Fast Eddie’s antibacterial disinfection and disinfection service, which disinfects and disinfects the internal surfaces of vehicles to protect them from viruses, including COVID-19, bacteria, and mold. It is safe on all surfaces, takes only 10 minutes to complete, and can be added to any service, starting at just $19.99.
Many customers also choose to take advantage of the huge savings provided by Fast Eddie’s Ultimate Wash Club. Through the club, customers can wash their cars unlimited times a month. For a low price, members can choose a washing plan from Monday to Thursday or a 7-day week plan. Membership is automatically renewed every month, making it easy for customers to bring a car when they need it.
Fast Eddie’s occasionally provides customers who purchase a $100 Wash Card with an additional $25 Wash Card, and customers who purchase a $50 Wash Card will receive a free $10 Wash Card. Doherty said, pay attention to the specials that make popular holiday and birthday gifts, now cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle is a top priority. Gift cards are always available and can be used for all services and gift shops.
“These cards are great gifts for everyone. You don’t have to worry about what size they wear or whether they have food allergies. If they have a car, our car wash card and gift card are a good choice,” Doherty said .
It is also worth noting that Fast Eddie’s provides many other services, including interior and exterior details of cars (including Teslas), boats, RVs, trucks, golf carts, and motorcycles. If it is too large to pass through the tunnel, Fast Eddie’s staff will wash it by hand. Their a la carte service menu includes carpet and mat shampoo, headlight repair, paint and tar removal, ozone odor removal, rim polishing, and disinfection/disinfection services.

Post time: Sep-09-2021
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