Big promotion at the end of the year for all kinds of microfiber towels

Dear Friends,

The new procurement season has already arrived. In order to thank the new and old customers for your support, all the staff of Jiexu factory will welcome you with quality service, fast delivery, high-quality goods and competitive prices.

We prepare a special activity for you who accompany us all the way.

Come on,follow us!

From Nov.20 to Dec. 31, our warehouse have many in stock,such as edgeless all purpose towel,edgeless long short pile towel,edgeless coral fleece towel and dual layers twisted towel and so on.if you order them,we will send out in 5-10workdays.Buy more, give more discount, no ceiling.

Should you have any further questions,kindly contact us at any time.welcome to inquiry.

1 (63)

long short pile (3)

Plush Towel 10-1

Twisted towel orange 5-1

Post time: Nov-19-2020
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