Amazon’s Best-Selling Makeup Brush Set Is Loved By Customers Microfiber Detailing Buffing Polishing Cleaning Cloth

When it comes to a flawless makeup application, the products you use can only go so far without the right brush to get the job done. Sure, blending with a beauty sponge works, but for a flawless contour, on-point highlight, and seamlessly blended shadow, you need the right tools in your arsenal — er, makeup bag.

A quality makeup brush is guaranteed to get the most from your favorite products, but purchasing one shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. Luckily, Amazon has come to the rescue with plenty of affordable makeup brush options that beauty lovers can’t seem to stop gushing about. And no shade on pricey big-name brands, but the best-selling brush set on the site is only $11.

The set includes 14 premium synthetic brushes in every shape and size, including five fluffy kabuki brushes and nine precision ones for shadows and detailing, all of which are made from silky yet durable fibers that are dense and don’t shed. And despite the surprisingly budget-friendly price tag, the BS-MALL brush set is built to last thanks to its durable wood and alloy handles. Plus, its rose gold finish is glam enough to earn the set a prominent spot on your vanity.

Amazon shoppers are sold on the brushes’ surprisingly soft-to-the-touch feel and ability to blend for a smooth application. They’re so good, some have even ditched their other brushes and haven’t looked back.

“Over the years I’ve bought my brushes from MAC, Sephora, Tarte, etc. Super expensive individual brushes. I bought this cheap set because I’m so over spending a ton of money on brushes. Guess what? THESE WORK JUST AS WELL!!!” said one reviewer. “Don’t get fooled into spending a ton of money on brushes… put that money towards better makeup.”

But it’s not just casual beauty fans who’ve fallen for Amazon’s best-selling brush set — they’ve even earned a spot in the toolkits of professionals.

“As a makeup artist I am always buying brushes. This is a great set for all parts of your face,” said a satisfied customer. “The brushes are dense which gives you an airbrushed look, the brushes don’t fall apart easily, and you have a brush for every angle for blush, foundation and concealer. The eye brushes have a size to do any look. Plus, they are affordable. I have already bought several sets to fill my tool belt and makeup table.”

Whether you’re in the market for a last-minute holiday gift or a need to upgrade your tools to pull off the NYE look you’re dreaming up, this 14-piece brush set is not to be missed.

Post time: Dec-25-2019
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