8 Best Microfiber Car Cloths in 2021-Microfiber Cloths for Your Car

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These microfiber towels provide a soft touch during washing, drying and waxing, keeping your car paint shiny and free of contaminants.
Although car vacuum cleaners have made great strides in keeping interiors clean and tidy, the application of microfiber fabrics is of great significance to car cleaning and detailed design. Compared with materials such as cotton or paper, superfine fibers are softer, more absorbent, less abrasive, and less likely to leave lint. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for wiping wet paint layers with a towel after washing. To do this, you can gently sweep the cloth across the painted surface and suck off the excess water without leaving marks. Harder microfiber varieties can also be used for polishing, cleaning glass and removing dust on the inner surface.
There are three main factors to consider when buying microfiber cloth, namely pile height, texture and material composition. The pile height measures the softness of the fabric. In order to dry the car, you should use the softest possible fabric, but you can use a rougher towel to polish the paint or clean the hard plastic. Texture varieties include “waffle” and “suede.”
The waffle type provides higher absorbency, while the suede ensures uniform softness throughout the fabric. In terms of composition, microfibers are usually composed of about 80% polyester fabric and 20% polyamide. Polyester gives the material its signature softness, while polyamide provides absorbency. We found that high-quality towels tend to contain a higher concentration of polyamide compared to cheap brands. These fabrics also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a few inches wide to a few feet. Most products can also be machine washed and reused dozens of times under normal conditions.
Volkswagen Machinery selected these products based on a combination of car details and cleaning knowledge, and reviewed data from websites such as The Drive, Motor1, and TrueCar. Factors such as product size and price are also taken into consideration to provide multiple purchase options.
As the name suggests, this cloth is made for drying and can cover a large area of ​​22 x 30 inches to quickly complete the work. It also has a waffle pattern for maximum absorption. The composition is standard 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.
Although it offers good coverage at a low price, some reviewers have pointed out that it is not particularly soft compared to more expensive options.
This five-piece 16 x 24 inch fabric has a thick suede texture and is expected to provide “super soft microfiber.” Each piece of fabric is actually double-sided, the softer side of the long pile surface, and the rougher short pile surface. They are suitable for washing, waxing and drying without leaving too much fluff.
During the washing process, the deep fibers help to catch the dirt and remove it safely from the paint. The material is again 80% polyester. The relatively small cloth size may also mean that you will wring it out multiple times when it dries, and it will take longer. Overall, this is a sturdy multi-purpose kit.
Unlike most microfiber cloths, this four-piece set has a rough and hard surface and the pile height is extremely short. It is very suitable for applying elbow grease and scrubbing dirt on windshields and mirrors and chrome-plated surfaces. You just want to keep them away from the paint, because they can easily leave small scratches on the sensitive clear coating. Each piece of cloth is 20 x 16 inches, 80% polyester. The manufacturer also guarantees that the product can be used for at least three years, or about 300 washes.
This dry towel with a cute name looks more like a carpet than a simple hand towel. Mammoth has a huge coverage area of ​​25 x 36 inches and a thickness of nearly half an inch. The fiber is made of long suede leather and contains 30% polyamide to increase absorbency. However, when the cloth is filled with water, the large size may have an adverse effect and become bulky for some users. You also need to wash it once before use to remove potential lint.
This kit can provide you with a dozen bright blue cloths with a medium coverage of 16 x 24 inches. Suede suede is relatively short in height, so they are more suitable for scrubbing rather than fine detail work. The microfiber composition is also 80% polyester fiber, and there is very little hair loss during use. The black satin stitching around the border ensures that the fabric retains its shape after repeated use and washing.
This fabric provides good coverage of 29 x 36 inches and has the highest scores for softness and absorbency. It allows users to suck up water droplets effortlessly, and can dry the entire medium-sized vehicle at once.
Adam’s even claimed that “you have never seen a towel that can suck so much water.” One side of the product is soft long-staple microfiber, and the other side is a more absorbent polyamide material. It is best to ensure that the soft side is the side that is in contact with the paint at any given time.
The small size of this cloth 14 x 16 inches makes it ideal for storing some in the car for regular dust removal or emergency spill cleaning. Considering that 12 of them are in a box, you can even deal with many leaks at the same time. However, it is best to keep it inside, because the rough lint pattern will not work well on the paint.
Makeup is more like a towel than a dry towel and has a very high polyester content. Compared to only 13% polyamide, this is 87% and makes it less absorbent than contemporaries.
For people who wash their cars frequently, or just need a rag within reach, this Kirkland 36-pack can meet your needs. Each towel is 16 inches square and is equipped with a high suede suede fabric composed of 80% polyester. The relative dimensions of these cloths are relatively thick, each weighing about 60 grams, which provides a good balance between scrubbing, dust removal, and drying capabilities, while making the clear coat scratch-free and lint-free.

Post time: Nov-18-2021
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