New Design Soft Microfiber Car Wheel Wash Brushes for Auto Detailing A

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  • Remove dirt and grime from behind your wheel’s spokes effectively.
  • Ultra-soft microfiber holds a ton of solution and provides serious cleaning power.
  • Metal-free, extremely durable, and high-strength handle makes it easier to deep into the hard-reach area.
  • Ideal for wheel spokes, engine bays, door jambs, and exhaust tips.

  • MATERIAL:: 80% Polyester, 20% polyamide
  • SIZE:: 16x16", 16x24", Customized
  • WEIGHT:: 200-400GSM
  • COLOR:: Customized
  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 500,000 Pieces / per Month
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    The Jiexu synthetic wool wheel brush is completely different from the basic wheel brush you used before. Constructed with the same rugged design as other Wheel brushes, the detailer space wheel brush is made of ultra-soft synthetic wool. The material is soft and dense. Not only is the wool tip soft, but it holds a ton of solutions and provides serious cleaning power in use. Synthetic wool also results in fewer products flicking back at the user and cleans quicker than bristled equivalents. The JX wheel brush removes tire dust safely, easily goes through wheel spokes, engine bays, door jambs, and exhaust tips. The fluffy synthetic wool wheel cleaning brushes is great for tight clearances around wheels and other areas of your car that are difficult to reach. Easy clean behind the spokes without scratching. The handle of the Wheel Spoke Wheel Brush is constructed from durable POM plastic. The JX synthetic wool Wheel Brush is the ideal choice if you prefer to truly detail every square inch of your wheels, but do not want to spend all day doing it!

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