Metal Free Red Wool Wheel Brush Soft Tire Woolies -B

Short Description:

[Type]: Car Wheel & Rim Brushes

[Material]: PP Handle + Wool Brush

[Function]: Car Cleaning, Wheel Cleaning, Rim Cleaning

[Usage]: Car Wheel & Rim

[Features]: Original Wool Wheel Cleaning Brush; Extended Smooth Handle;


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Metal Free Red Wool Wheel Brush Soft Tire Woolies 


   1. Wool wheel brush that remove tire dust safely,easily maneuvers through wheel spokes, engine bays, door jambs, and exhaust tips.

   2. This wheel cleaner brush is metal free,extremely durable and high strength handle makes tire wheel brush easier to deep into hard-reach area.

   3. Soft wheel brush with anti-static properties repel dust and dirt for more efficient wheel cleaning,super soft and safe for all wheel finishes.


   1. Make your car spotless: accomplish the look of clean wheels & rims inside and outside, remove road grime and brake dust without damaging your wheels or getting     your hands dirty.

   2. Safe to use: great design for getting into wheel wells without putting your hands at risk. Durable polypropylene handle, brush end constructed from dense, absorbent synthetic wool microfiber (metal-free).

   3. No harm to your car: eliminates wheel cleaner splatter (stands up to any cleaner) and prevents scratches, the brushes will not leave streaks, scuffs, scratches, or other damage to your vehicle’s rims even if they are painted.

   4. Complete cleaning coverage: flexible (bendable) brush end to get to various hard-to-reach areas. Large brush for reaching deep into wheels and cleaning the wheel wells on vehicles and RVs.

  5. Easy care: plush enough to work well with soapy water and long enough to reach into deep wheel wells. It will not splatter like plastic wheel cleaners; Lint-free and simple to rinse with soap and water and shake dry or air dry, so clean up is simple and effortless.

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