Long Handle NO METAL Microfiber Wheel Cleaning Brush with plush piles

Short Description:

Size: 8cm diameter

Length :  49cm

Material : 100% polyester

Ultra-soft Microfiber fiber

Incredibly absorbent

Safes on any paint

  • MATERIAL:: 80% Polyester, 20% polyamide
  • SIZE:: 16x16", 16x24", Customized
  • WEIGHT:: 200-400GSM
  • COLOR:: Customized
  • PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 500,000 Pieces / per Month
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    Microfiber Wheel Cleaning Brush

    The Wheel Brush provide the safest and the most effective wheel cleaning tool.

    The microfiber wheel brushes remove dirty and dusty of braking rods and won’t damage the wheel or expensive retainer of car.

    With dense water absorbability, superfine microfiber will effectively use cleaner make more bubbles.

    The wheel brush are the ultimate solution for cleaning all of your wheels, especially those hard-to-reach places.


    Ultra-Soft Microfiber Wheel Cleaning Brush

    Soft and durable microfiber Surface Absorbent foam center Durable polypropylene shaft Ergonomic durable foam grip .

    The brush’s padded foam head is incredibly absorbent and wrapped with a microfiber covering which is tough on dirt and grime but very safe on all wheel finishes.

    The Microfiber surface has a deep loose dual pile which helps to lift and carry away dirt from the surface of the wheel.

    The barrel brush has a long, highly durable polypropylene shaft with zero metal components.

    This gives the brush great strength but also makes it safe to use on all wheel finishes.

    The Handle grip is made from firm durable foam which was a cushioned feel in the hand.






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