Automobile Cleaning Chenille Sponge

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Name:Automobile Cleaning Chenille Sponge

Material:chenille fabric

Specification:9 x 5.1 x 2 inches

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High-quality material-Automobile Cleaning Sponge is made of chenille microfiber, with fine workmanship, soft touch, effective dust absorption, large coverage area, and good cleaning effect

Good water absorption-The car wash sponge is filled with chenille microfiber sponge, clean on both sides, plush and fluffy, and has a lot of soapy water, easy to clean, the car wash sponge towel kit has strong water absorption, and Helps prevent whirlpools and scratches.

Suitable for everyone-The size of the car wash sponge is 9×5.1x2in, the car wash sponge has an elastic band and can be adjusted in size, making the gloves suitable for all hands, comfortable and convenient to use, and easier to carry and clean the surface.

Multi-purpose-Use wet to wash and dry to dust any vehicle surface, car drying towels and cleaning sponges are very suitable for internal and external car beauty, and can also be widely used for cleaning glass, tiles, sanitary ware, floors, etc.

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