Large size dual pile twisted car drying towels with long plush piles

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Product : Double Twisted drying towels

Feature : It’s the best drying towels in the market . Has strong water absorption ability.

Just use one towels can drying a whole car, and the soft piles never scratch your cars.

Size available : 40x40cm, 50x80cm, 60x80cm, 70x90cm

Weight : 1000gsm-1500gsm

Color available : Gray, Blue, Orange, Brown

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Product Name  Double Twisted Towel Car Drying Cloth
Wight  1300~1500gsm
Size  40*40cm, 50*80cm, 70*90cm
Color  Gray, Orange, Blue, Brown

>This drying towel features a twisted pile on BOTH sides making it able to absorb even more water than it’s single-sided counterpart.


* They are easy to wash, requiring no detergent;

* Thay are super soft and absorbent.

* Our towels are the perfect choice to clean and protect the delicate surface.

* They produce scratch free results.

We pride ourselves in crafting towels that are soft to the touch, have excellent absorption, durability and color fastness.

You can easily drain the water from the body of a freshly washed car as well. You don’t have to worry about the towels being towed to the floor when you clean the car, and it’s easy to wring them out

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